New Car - Kick it up a notch and enjoy the refreshing smells of a new car.

Fresh Linen - Crisp and clean, reminiscent of linen sheets drying in the warm summer sun.

Ocean Mist - Crisp ozone notes with sea salt, orange and rose.

Jumping Juniper - This fresh fragrance captures the essence of juniper floating through the air.

Cucumber and Fresh Mint - A light, refreshing blend of cool cucumber and fresh spearmint.

Smoke & Odor Eliminator - A freshening scent for eliminating odors such as smoke & pet smells.




Café Latte - A real pick me up scent of coffee and cream with hints of sweet vanilla.  

Coffee Bar - An array of brews and spices blend with rich leather chairs in this coffee bar experience.

Turkish Hazelnut Café - A rich creamy blend of dark-roasted coffee, hazelnuts, and cream.

Vanilla Bean Supreme - The rich and smooth aroma of fresh vanilla beans.

Hot Coco - Rich milk chocolate topped with fresh whipped cream and warmed to perfection.




Watermelon Rancher - Just like the addicting hard candy that everyone loves.

Blueberry - Freshly harvested blueberries bursting with aroma! Perfectly ripened and sweet as can be!  

Pomegranate - Straight off tree and incredibly succulent.

Blueberry Pomegranate - A combination of blueberry and pomegranate.

Vanilla Black Raspberry - Juicy raspberry with a vine of fresh appeal with a hint of vanilla.

Lemon Lime - The reassuring and refreshing scent of crisp lemon and lime.

Fruit Bomb  - This magnificent island aroma bursts with scents of fresh mango and apple slices.

Grape Soda -  Rich grape blended with sparkling club soda and sweetened with a hint of sugar.

Butt Naked in Bed - A frisky blend of apple, pear, melon, vanilla and musk. This scent is sure to please.

Very Cherry - A strong and juicy cherry scent that will have your mouth watering.




Aqua Spa - A fresh scent with notes of rose, lily and enhanced with orange, lime and ozone.

Fast Lane - Get your motor running and be ready for a blast of refreshing cool smells.

Bacon - Who doesn't love bacon??

Squash - Just like the popular Japanese scent.

Arctic Blast - A sophisticated blend of marine notes and mint contrasted with rich cedar and musk.

Rush Hour - An enchanting blend of lime, french lavender, lily and patchouli.




Fresh Cut Grass - The wonderful fresh aroma of freshly cut green grass, just like you stepped outside.

Dirt - The closest you will get to a construction site without having to worry about mud.

Fresh Lilac - Lavishing lilac radiantly blossoms with beautiful buds of sweet rose and delicate lily of the valley.

Peony - Gentle sweeps of peony are the first to bloom in this delightful bouquet. Pure elegance!

First Rain - There is nothing like the scent of the first rain in the spring. 

Pine -  A brisk and outdoorsy blend of blue spruce and balsam fir.

Wilderness - Just like the smell of of the great outdoors, this scent is sure to please.




Bedtime Bath - A comforting blend of lavender and musk that will remind you of being a kid. 

A Mother’s Love - A cozy piece of mind scent that includes a blend of many flowers.

Fifty Shades - A seductive marriage of rose and geranium with addictive notes of orange and amber.

Ecstasy - Take your scents to another level with this fantastic blend which will be sure to be a hit.  

Sweet Flower  - Sweet pea petals and watery pear entwine with sheer freesia, fresh berry, and musk.

Nag Champa - Warm blend of patchouli and sandalwood with citrus and lavender.

Vanillariffic - Tempting Scent of Fresh Vanilla Bean, Sweet Praline, & Comforting, Warm Vanilla Milk.




Summertime - The fresh floral aroma of summer time gardenias and elegant lilies.

Island Breeze - Lily of the Valley, Water Lotus, Rosewater, Star Jasmine, Violet, Musk, and Sea Moss.

Fuzzy Naval - Enjoy the smell of Summer Time at its best this one is sure to impress.

Pina Colada - Delectable wedges of pineapple with shavings of creamy coconut and a hint of lime.

Coconut - Sweet, creamy coconut with hints of warm vanilla and exotic musk.

Monkey Toots - A fantastic blend of banana and mango.

Emerald Sea - This fruity floral blend is a mix of lemon and lime with layers of mango, peach and peony.