Our Story

It all started with an idea in early 2012 and by October that year Instafreshener was born. Founded by Andrew & Jessica Hendrick, Instafreshener is the leader in producing high quality, long lasting, custom air fresheners for the everyday consumer. 

Jessica has a background in candle making and is a fragrance oil expert. Andrew is a serial entrepreneur and an excellent problem solver. Together they have 20 years of combined printing and manufacturing experience which contributed to the idea and launch. After many months of R&D testing inks, substrates, oils and packaging they were able to develop a process to create a single custom air freshener that doesn't require setup fees, or bulk orders. We can create a single or 1000's of custom air fresheners using your favorite image, quote, text, or pre designed images with a wonderful and long lasting fragrance. Hang them in your car, truck, RV, boat, home, closet, tent, laundry room, shoe box, gym locker, office or any other creative space. Throw out the trees and leaves that have been hanging around for months and express yourself with Instafreshener.

Meet the Team

Andrew Hendrick
Andrew is a mult-talented entrepreneur who has a passion for creating awesome products and helping others reach their dreams. A recent graduate from UMKC's Entrepreneurship program, he has developed skills to aid in the successes of Instafreshener.
Jessica Hendrick
Jessica's vast knowledge in fragrance oils and manufacturing processes has helped Instafreshener become what it is today. Her excellent customer service skills and production management has become and asset to the company and she enjoys building something amazing with her husband.